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Residential Services Offered

1/4/2024 (Permalink)

There are a magnitude of services we offer on a daily basis when it comes to a residential setting. Ranging from cleaning air ducts to removing biohazard contaminants. Odor removal is another one of the many services offered. SERVPRO of Dothan uses state-of-the-art products, equipment and techniques to rid your home of pervasive odors, getting to the source and leaving your place smelling fresh. These services are performed by our highly trained, professional team that specialize in these services. We are here to help keep your home clean, safe and comfortable.  Our additional cleaning services include the following…

-Air Ducts and HVAC


-Carpet and Upholstery

-Ceilings, Floors and Walls

-Drapes and Blinds

-Odor Removal

-Sewage and Toilet Overflow

-Trauma and Crime Scene

-Vandalism and Graffiti

How often do you get your carpet cleaned?

1/4/2023 (Permalink)

Why should you get your carpet cleaned? Getting your carpet cleaned regularly helps remove dust, bacteria, deep-seated dirt, grime and other allergens. Getting your carpet cleaned also helps to extend the lifespan of your current carpet. Your next question may be, “well how often should I get my carpet cleaned?” The frequency of carpet cleaning depends on several factors. Carpets in homes without children, pets or smokers should be cleaned every 6-12 months. Carpets in homes with children, pets or where smoking is occurring need to be cleaned more often; every 3-6 months. SERVPRO has multiple methods for cleaning this surface therefore an evaluation takes place to determine the proper approach. Pre-treatment and spot removal typically are the first move, just to give an extra hand to those high traffic and heavily soiled areas. Following this step, there will be a method chosen for your specific fibers and type of soil in your carpet. Lastly, it is recommended that you do not walk on your carpet until it is dry, if possible. If you are in need of carpet cleaning give SERVPRO of Dothan a call today!